We are located ideal place to rest your body and mind.
Surrunding us, there are clear river, and beautiful mountains, which have different faces depending on season.
so, you can enjoy visiting us whole year.

About Room

We have 7 room with two different size.
One type is 10-mat room. (5 room)
Another is 7.5-mat room  (2 room) 

The price are below
3000 yen (without meal)
3600 yen (with breakfast)
5300 yne (with dinner and breakfast)

the price are not included consumer tax.(8%)
10-mat room
7.5-mat room

About facility

We have kitchen that guests can cook their own meal.
Pan and pod are prepared, so bring just food.

and we have commonroom that you can talk with.
In winter, we will put on fireplace. so you can read some books,
or talk with other guest. you can stay as you like.

and also we have rent-a-cycles.
Common room
3 types of bicycle

Things to do, Things to see

There are many things to look around.

1.Ayabe Onsen (Hot spring)
Hot spring is located within 10-minutes walk.
They have inside and outside bath. for sure you can relax.

2.Nio park
Here you can play putter golf or tennis.

3.Nio Gate
This gate was made in 13th century. There were used to be Temple (made in 6th century) 
but it was torn down by fire. now only the gate stays there
Ayabe Onsen
Putter gold at Nio park
Nio gate

Reservation & Inqury

If you would like to make reservation or have any question, please send us a mail to